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Competence development in the sphere of health promotion is a central challenge for organisations, the working and aging population, and for vocational training. Health is a question of education. Research on aging processes, brain research, and research on psychophysical effects have identified reciprocal reactions in the complex system of health for both pathogenesis and health research. Intervention strategies for motivating learning in the sphere of health can be deduced from the dynamics between health and education. Mental and physical health can be generated in a quality-oriented system of objective and subjective factors if this system is based on the appreciation of education and health promotion, the stimulation of initiative, and health beneficial behaviour. A precondition that has to be met is a culture of encouragement, of investing time and effort on a long-term basis. Health is generated if society creates conditions under which health is possible for all citizens including seniors, the unemployed, people deprived of education, and citizens living under the threat of poverty and social exclusion.

Salutogenesis - Developing Health Competence among Seniors 45+ will describe and develop Best Practice for organisations, trainers, and participants in the spheres of vocational training and personnel development by means of workshops, web collaboration, web conferencing, and the project’s homepage. SHS will avoid trivialisation of the health issue since, due to the gender-mainstreaming and quality-oriented approach, the complexity of the situation will be preserved, and functional solutions will be designed in the context of concrete situations. SHS-offers will make more readily accessible an active lifestyle and improve learners’ activity, health, mood, and initiative through training.

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